Personal Web Site



  • Create five Web pages for a personal Web site using either Weebly or Webs or Wix.
  • Your anything page should be on favorite hobby or activity.
  • Each page should have at least one image on it
  • You may not put your picture, last name, address, or phone number on this website.

  • Your classwork page should have 6 links to your classwork. Get the links from your Wiki.

  • The links page should at least 10 links to your favorite websites (appropriate)
  • All pages should be easily readable.

  • LInk your published URL to your Wiki.

  • Wix Example and Weebly Example

  • Now that you are done, recreate your personal Website with Google Site (tutorial) in your Google Apps account. Feel free to copy and pase text and reuse your pictures.